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Are you ready to join Jersey's first exclusive
Elements Yoga Retreat?

Experience all 5 universal elements through a beautifully created exclusive yoga retreat, held in the breath-taking setting of Ouaisne Bay, running Saturday 20th August 1 pm until 9 pm.

Each element provides a carefully designed class which collectively, by the end of the retreat, will leave you feeling renergised, nourished, relaxed and balanced.

Scroll down to find out more about the retreat and each element. 
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The Elements:


The air element is incredibly powerful, it is the alchemy of our other elements. It creates fire, carries water and is the vital energy of the earth. The air element helps us connect & communicate, it is the prana that connects us to our heart and moves us.

This session will help you slow-down from the working week and switch off from the outside world. Allowing you to go within through stillness, using the breath as a tool to reconnect and relieve any feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension.

You will be guided through meditation, self-reflection, breath work and beautiful Yoga Nidra.

The benefits…

·        Improved focus

·        Better sleep

·        Increases self esteem

·        Removes feelings of anxiety and depression

The perfect way to begin your journey to balance through the elements.​


The earth element brings nourishment. When we balance this element, we create feelings of being secure and understood, allowing our emotional, mental and physical energies to heal.

This session will help balance high energies, leaving you feeling nurtured and grounded through Hatha yoga.

Hatha Yoga allows us to move slowly through each pose whilst challenging strength & flexibility.

All our sessions will suit the beginner or advanced with options to take it easy or strengthen, making the retreat accessible to all.

Our priority is making you feel relaxed & grounded, leaving you feeling whole, harmonised with yourself, rooted, and secure.


Connecting with the water element helps ignite feelings of freedom, releasing any rigidness and tension. Our bodies are made up with 60% of water so it’s important that we learn to allow our bodies to move fluidly, which we will do through our Vinyasa flow.

This practice is more energetic, flowing with ease between each pose influencing the body & breath to move in unison, finishing with an extended relaxation listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

As we will be creating some heat through our faster paced class, our session will be topped off with a sunset sea swim accessed through a private walkway to Ouaisne beach.


To help restore the heat after our sunset sea swim we will bask in the dusk sky next to a fire pit, our penultimate ceremonious session mixed with breathwork and carefully curated music to help find balance through our fire energy.

When this energy is balanced, we feel confident in our abilities, and feel physically and mentally powerful, so we will use this session as a catalyst to build up each other’s energies leaving you with that wholesome feel-good factor.

The fire element links with our digestive energy and after an afternoon of yoga, mindfulness and sea swimming, you will be ready for a nourishing bowl of food goodness to help warm the soul.


Our finale session, after feeling the lightness of air, grounding through earth, fluidly moving and breaking tension through water, into warming the soul with fire, we find ether – space.

The element which makes everything possible, being both movement and stillness, the epitome of emptiness yet connects everything around us.

In our final session we will end with a deeply meditative and relaxing sound bath and a herbal tea. The vibrations and sounds promote healing, reduce stress & anxiety and improve sleep. 


Using all the senses to find the ultimate feeling of calm & relaxation, the perfect way to end our day.

Together the elements provide synergy to leave you feeling grounded, focused and relaxed.