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Vinyasa, Hatha, Power, and

Restorative Yoga for All

Muladhara, the root chakra, the energy & feeling of being grounded  & secure. The feeling you will have throughout my yoga class.

Muladhara Yoga offers private & group classes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Power, and Restorative; bringing a feeling of healing & grounding to the soul. 

All abilities are welcome.

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If you would prefer a more private setting for your practice, feel free to book a private session in the comfort of your own home,




Yoga for All Bodies and All Abilities

We all have different bodies, abilities, mindset, age - you name it. Muladhara Yoga offers a welcoming, secure and approachable environment so you can feel comfortable and relaxed in your practice. We do not compare, we listen to our own bodies and encourage each other.

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About me

I'm Stacey, born in Newcastle UK, living in Jersey Channel Islands for the past 18yrs. 

Helping others is my passion, whether that be through yoga, charity or simply being there for others, that is my purpose.

I've practiced yoga for over 12yrs, with the latter 3 years dedicated to a more spiritual practice to bring myself out of a place of darkness and anxiety. Yoga taught me to appreciate my mind and body and to love myself again, to be unapologetically raw. I wanted to share this feeling and help others with their mental health, so I took the leap to become a yoga instructor in 2020. 

Bali is where I found a deeper meaning in yoga therefore it was only fitting to become a teacher in Bali too. I was taught in the tranquil Ubud surrounded by nature, a place of deep nourishment and healing. Following my 200hr I have continued to further my knowledge in the Art of Teaching and Ayurveda.

Every class is carefully curated by movement and breath, each complimenting one another and weaving into a dedicated theme; from awareness to grounding, self-love to invigorating energy. Collectively helping my students turn inward, feel grounded and relaxed. 

Namaste x

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Muladhara Yoga - Stacey Baxter