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Goodbye 2021 & hello 2022

As we edge towards the end of 2021, we naturally reflect on the last 12 months, our achievements, and sometimes at what we may consider failures or setbacks.

It can be difficult to avoid focusing on the negatives if you feel you haven’t achieved everything you wished for or experienced lows, but this focus can bring suppressing energies such as guilt & shame which is then further exacerbated when you see an array of achievement posts.

I for one started to reflect on the last 12 months and initially looked at what didn’t go as planned, I haven’t strengthened in my practice as much as I wanted to, I neglected personal parts of my life for work & to please others, which made me feel I’d let myself down. All these negative thoughts just led to feeling low & miserable; which isn’t the greatest vibration to be sending out for the year ahead.

If you’re experiencing the same as me, I’m writing to you to tell you it’s ok, don’t be hard on yourself, be kind to yourself, smile & move forward.

It’s time to change our reflection and bring in some positive changes as we move forward.

- Be grateful & thankful

So, you’ve divulged over the Christmas period and perhaps ate & drank a bit more than you usually would, and your yoga practice (or gym visits) have slipped. Rather than focusing on the negatives, why not change this language to;

- I’m grateful for the time spent with my family & friends

- I’m thankful to my mind & body for being patient whilst I had a break and divulged

- I am recharged and ready for the next chapter

To divulge and have fun is all connected to balance, life isn’t about being strict all the time, sometimes we can lean heavier on one side of the scale and this is ok, allow yourself to recharge & to treat yourself, and when it comes to an end don’t regret but celebrate the fun you’ve had and then make your way back to rebalancing.

- Let go of 2021

The past is the past for a reason, it can’t be changed. Overthinking what has happened, dissecting every detail, and thinking “what if” will only lower your vibrations.

Let go & move on and remember everything is a lesson and happens for a reason. Try not to regret but instead learn and see each moment as a step sending you on the right path.

Try breathwork to help you visualise letting go. Close your eyes & as you inhale invite in all the energies and things you wish to manifest in 2022, as you breathe out, visualise letting go of 2021, the past, and anything that no longer serves your purpose. Then repeat the following affirmations to yourself…

“I am free of the past and I am present”

“I am grounded & ready for the year ahead”

Repeat as many times as you need to.


Whenever you’re feeling a cast of doubt or anything negative, stop, breathe, be present & smile to your heart. With darkness comes light, the feeling is temporary.

- Don’t compare - comparison is the thief of joy

Be happy for those who have achieved and avoid comparison. We can so easily look at others and compare them to our own life, which is risky and can be toxic. Be happy for others and be happy for yourself, there will more than likely be someone out there looking at you and wishing they had what you had/your life. Always be thankful and avoid comparison.

- Create a vision board

Being creative is always fun (in my opinion), let your imagination run free, create a vision board expressing all that you wish to manifest and achieve throughout 2022 then place it somewhere you can see it daily. You will be sending positive vibrations out to the universe and subconsciously reminding yourself of your dreams.

- Set goals & steps to achieve

If there’s something you really want to achieve in 2022, then do it! Set your goals but also make sure you set steps to make sure you get there. This can be as little or as big as you like. Perhaps your goal is to nail a yoga pose or maybe it’s to buy a house, set goals personal to you & work your way to achieving them.

I hope these steps help you even if only a little.

May you manifest all your dreams & wishes in 2022, namaste x

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1 Comment

Thanks Stacey. Tip 4 is my fave - compare and despair x

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