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Be your own biggest fan - blossom your own growth!

When I was younger (and sometimes through adulthood), I was bullied for how I looked, being small & ginger with braces I was unfortunately a target. As kids though these things happen, it is just life, it doesn’t make it fair nor right, but it is what it is – I just learnt to eventually accept it and let it go. It did however, along with other events in my life, affect my self-esteem. Over the years I developed low self-esteem, which I didn’t fully recognise until recently.

I’ve always been one to try & encourage others to big themselves up and to look at themselves in a bright light, but then I wasn’t always doing it myself.

Now I am.

I try my best to speak kind words to myself and look at the part of my mind and body that I love; I show appreciation for myself and became my number 1 fan. I started looking at myself in a different light & understanding my true self, my authentic being, I stopped worrying what others thought and came fully into my true self. I giggle with my friends and parents over my crystal hippy self, but they love me for who I am, and I started loving myself more when I was true to who I really was.

This 100% changed my attitude to become more positive, and the moment I stopped seeking external validation & learnt it was only my opinion that mattered and if I was happy then that was all I needed (plus I wasn’t hurting anyone) the moment I felt this huge weight shift from my shoulders, and I instantly felt lighter. Don’t get me wrong I’m human and have days when I can still feel low, but I now understand how to shift this feeling, to accept the emotion, and know tomorrow will be a new day where I will look at myself kind again.

So, give yourself permission to have flaws (be flawesome!), we are all human and no-body is perfect, don’t focus on your flaws, but instead flip that thought to concentrate on your good qualities.

Write down something you love about yourself daily no matter how big or small, even if you don’t quite believe it sometimes, the more you write it the more your mindset will adjust to thinking these positive thoughts more naturally rather than forced.

It’s about giving yourself a confidence boost and not having to worry about others validation to make yourself feel good. Be happy in your own skin, be happy in your body, as it’s the only one you have. If you are completely unhappy however, do something about it and enjoy the journey.

Just remember to speak kind words to yourself along the way; think of yourself like a flower or plant (you choose!) and water yourself in-order to blossom.

Remember, you are AWESOME!

Love your mind, love your body, be your number 1 fan!

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