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My struggle with anxiety...

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Have you ever felt that your head is about to explode from all of the over thinking, over analysing & fixating? Your palms get sweaty, your heart beat fluctuates, you can feel extremely tired and emotional, and the next be on an emotional high? Well that is anxiety to me. Anxiety is so common but can affect people in different ways. This is my version.

I could be in the most secure environment but I will somehow continue to instill a fear of the worst scenario or something bad happening, to the point I can actually make myself laugh as they can be totally irrational. I've avoided nature parks with monkeys in Asia because I think I will be the unlucky one to get bitten, get rabies & DIE! Or, I'll have the worst hangover & get heart palpitations thinking that I'm going to have a heart attack & DIE!

Hypochondriac, I know.

It's pathological thinking that causes these irrational thoughts & almost self sabotage events. I've pushed people away from too much worry and make myself feel sick through so much worry. The ironic thing is I have abused my body through drinking and smoking in the past which are far more harmful and life threatening than the lower stats of getting rabies - silly I know!

So I'm now conscious that by looking after my mind and body the anxiety reduces and is far more manageable. This also goes as far as my diet, the healthier I eat, well more so in moderation as a treat is also good & shows self love, but certainly avoiding over indulging, makes me feel lighter and happier. For me, music, exercise, being in nature and self care really help overall. I've practiced yoga more heavily and more spiritually over the last 3yrs and I've seen a big difference. I find meditation in my practice, using the focus on the breath to let go of any stress and anxieties; through each breath I can let go and fully switch off from the 1M+ thoughts racing through my mind.

I'm no expert and by no means a doctor, but I've posted some "Self care" tips of my own that may help you - see my blog "Show yourself some love!"

If you're struggling please ask for help rather than feel you will be a burden; there is no shame in seeing a doctor for medical treatment (I have!) and/or reaching out to talk, and ask for advice to adjust your lifestyle to keep the happy you flowing.

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