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Show yourself some love!

I like everyone, can be really hard on myself some times, and forget to show my mind & body self love, but it's so important to maintain the self care routines to make sure you are keeping yourself happy and being at your best.

Below I have shared a list of my self care & self love tips which help me and may work for you...

> Go outside.

Be in nature, whether that be the forest, the beach, or simply going for a long walk, moving and being out in fresh air works wonders!

Research shows those who visit the beach instantly feel happier, so if you're having a down day, go outside and breathe in some fresh air. Imagine the fresh air bringing positivity into your whole being, and when you exhale let nature take away all those toxins and emotions not serving you.

> Be kind to yourself...

We can all be really hard on ourselves, feeling guilty for our actions, for rushing life, not seeing a friend for a long time, having an indulgence weekend & forgetting the healthy habits, missing the gym. DON'T be too hard on yourself, it's completely normal & OK to have good & bad days, days where you just don't want to smile and just want to be miserable, days where you can't be bothered with the gym and not want to socialise - that's OK! We are all human, just don't feel guilty for it. Remember everything is temporary, so if you're having a bad day, try not to dwell as it will pass and be welcomed with a new day full of happiness. Forgive yourself & move on, don't dwell.

> Mind & body self care

Whilst having an indulgence treat and weekend off the gym every now & then is healthy, it's also about moderation. Remember to take time to show your mind & body some love through self care. This can be really small, perhaps a daily ritual to take time moisturising and massaging your self, cooking a healthy meal, a bath, retail therapy, read a book, paint, anything that brings you joy. Feed your body good nutrients and keep it healthy, even 20 minutes of yoga can bring so many benefits. Walking, exercise, anything that makes you feel better afterwards.

> Listen to your body!

The most important tip is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If your body craves something, then allow it. If you wake up one morning and your body is exhausted, then rest, don't force yourself to exercise if you're too tired just to not feel guilty. There will be another day when you wake up eager & full of beans; that's your body telling you it's recovered and time to go again. Like I say, it's all about moderation. Sleep & rest are key to keeping the mind & body healthy

> Have a morning routine...

Throughout my yoga training we trained from 6.30am daily starting with a 30 minute meditation & a 2hr yoga practice; and it was the best I'd felt in years. I now keep that routine, albeit not as long. I wake up, walk the dog, come home make a tea and then do a short meditation & yoga practice before having a healthy breakfast before work. I do still however have days when I'm tired, and on those days will let my body rest by having an extra hour or so in bed, and then practice later. Like I say, it's about listening to your body :)

> Get creative!

Creativity through any means is such a beautiful release & can really help switch off from any stress. I like to sketch, colour, write, sing in my car - every time I do something creative I feel amazing!

You don't have to be Picasso, just grab a pen & let it flow. Maybe buy a colouring book and just colour in. Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening. Just be you!

> Distance from toxic relationships & bad energies...

This one is a tough one. There are some relationships that are just too difficult to let go of even when you know it's not right. There's a cord between the two of you that feels amazing when it's good but can leave you feeling empty and drained when it's bad. Toxic relationships are at times the hardest to recognise and the hardest to pull away from, but doing so, whilst difficult, can be the best thing you will ever do.

I read a book called dodging energy vampires, which explains the effects of being an empath and attracting narcissistic people & those with draining energies. Now it's not to say these people are bad, they don't know they're doing it, they are just drawn to empaths because they will feed their energy and make them feel better about themselves. The empath however is left feeling empty; drawing all the good energies away. The key is to recognise when this is happening, whether it be with a partner, a family member or a friend. Once you start distancing from the people that are more concerned about themselves and their needs, the better you will start to feel & regain all the lost energy.

That's not to say you need to message a bunch of people and tell them they can't be in your life, it's choosing when to spend time with these people and spreading tour time wisely, giving more time to those that leave you feeling good about yourself. A relationship is two way, you should both feel good in each others company.

This is not an exhaustive list, and some may not appeal to you. Make a list of your own, what makes you feel good & happy, and what makes you feel empty & down? Do the first set of things and avoid the latter.

Your happiness is key and will help you attract the wonderful things the universe has to offer.

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