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New moon in Libra


New moon in libra falls Friday 16th October 2.32pm. This particular new moon brings focus into harmony and balance. So try to take a step back if you are experiencing a dispute to see both sides; this can be easier said than done, but there's no harm in trying right?

Also, look out for being indecisive, instead try to make a balanced decision ⚖

New moon in libra is also a good time to set intentions to bring more harmony into relationships, or perhaps you need to bring more harmony into the relationship you have with yourself?

Remember every new moon brings new beginning 🌈 ✨ 🌚 I love Jan Spillers book New Moon Astrology. If you're interested get yourself a copy. The book provides guidance for every new moon on what intentions are the strongest for that particular new moon. Get wishing, it works wonders.

As always, speak kind words to yourself and others.

Much love x


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