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Riding the hormonal dragon....

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

P.M.S... in other words - pre-menstrual stress

- post full moon stress

- pre new moon stress

I wanted to use this blog as a platform to share my experience with my cycle and the moon. In my yoga teacher training we had one night dedicated to sexual energies and the females menstrual cycle being in line with the moon phases. Most women will experience their period around the new moon or the full moon; mine tends to come a couple of days before the new moon so I find it's a good tool to understand my emotions in the run up to the new moon.

The week before the new moon my my hormones peak & by that I mean take over my emotions. PMS is at its strongest & I can feel like I'm going crazy. My thoughts can spiral, I get upset easily, I lack patience and I am extremely irrational - the PMS dragon! The the day of the cycle comes and the wave of relief flows through my body. Alas, a reason for my craziness. Then the cycle starts again;

1) Period - Pain, tired & emotional (but relieved the craziness was for a reason!)

2) Feeling good (and well sexual drive is higher than ever!)

3) The most productive, I am feeling great, I can do anything!

4) PMS hormonal dragon - I can't do anything, I have no sex drive, emotional!

My biggest downfall has been learning to recognise the signs and instead thinking emotions were due to something else; mainly being an issue with a partner, family or friends (poor souls!). I should have however warned & communicated that I would be sensitive & irrational that week. Communication is key! So if you haven't done so already, get a cycle tracker (i.e. clue) and when the week before approaches, tell your partner so they understand. Now I'm not saying walk round with a sign on you saying "I'm PMSing" or "I'm on my period!" just let people know you're feeling a bit emotionally sensitive :)

All we ever need something is a hug, some TLC and reassurance.

Centuries ago, some tribes has something called a "red tent", where females would stay throughout their period. This was by no means a bad thing, if anything it was to protect the woman due to their heightened emotions & heightened sensitivities to energies. The other tribe members would leave food outside the tent & the women would be left to rest & not undertake any duties; I don't know about you, but this sounds like heaven! One week a month to nest & rest! No work, just people loving & caring for you - ideal right?

Unfortunately however that is not reality anymore. So be conscious of your emotions and sensitivity to others energies. If you need to isolate yourself for an evening, do it! Wrap up, eat comfort food and rest. If you have children and this is difficult, ask for some help to give you a little "you time"; even if it's just an hour in the bath to have some self care & self love time. I was walking with my friend and said I wished there was more education on women's hormones and the menstrual cycle; especially in schools. It would be majorly beneficial if men were taught too so they could have a better understanding for the future It wasn't until me & my friends shared each others experiences that I realised it was hormones & not me going crazy! Saying that, some females handle it better than others, and if that's you, I salute you!! Fair play to you, you are truly amazing!

The worst is when people think it's an excuse, it really isn't. Try & ride the hormonal dragon, it ain't easy! It's already hard enough living in a society where there is so much pressure on women to be a mum, but to work & be at the top of the food chain, to show equality but also be a feminist; but realistically, we ARE different to men, our hormones and brains are wired differently.; hence why there should be more education & sensitivities to a woman's cycle. Perhaps it's just me, but I'm very open & will say if my hormones are a little "out of kilter" to colleagues, and if I need to work from home due to cramping (as it's real & can be painful & difficult to deal with in the office!). Yes I fear I will be judged & men in the work place will see it is a weakness but screw it, you need to look after your mind & body. Some may see weakness but I think it's strength & really only those who see it as weakness are uneducated about female hormones and thus my reasoning behind introducing the education to schools from a younger age.

So, my point is, look after yourself, track your cycle, recognise the hormones and emotions and communicate. Oh and for those sensitive to the lunar phases like me, watch out for the full moon phase. Crazy, sensitive hormones and raised anxiety too!

Love and peace to all the beautiful ladies out there. xx

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